Beiens Electronic Mental Math Game

Beiens Electronic Mental Math Game

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Product Detail

Ages: 4-11 Years Old
Product Size: 13.8*6.6*2.0 cm / 5.4*2.6*0.8 inches
Package Size: 16.6*10.5*4.0 cm / 6.5*4.1*1.6 inches
Battery Type: 3*1.5V/AAA (included)
Material Type: Silicone, ABS
Material Free: BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Safe, No Added Formaldehyde
Care Instructions: This product contains electronic components. It cannot be put in water or placed in a damp environment. Please clean the surface with a soft cloth.

Why beiens
3 millions
4 modes
4-11 years


Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
GREAT replacement for old Little Professor

I like that it times student's ability and keeps track of wrong answers.

Paul D. Roberts
Good training tool

My son (2nd grade) does not like competition and is not very fond of math. During summer, I needed to make sure he keeps up some minimal math practice and bought this Mental Math Game. He played with it for 30 min once it arrived and then put it away. About 2 weeks later, I challenged him to do one of several tasks one of which was to do additions and subtractions tests and see how long it takes which he did. Next day he did again to compare the results. Now he does two hours every day (one per skill) and trying to beat his own time without me nagging him to do any math. Goal accomplished!

Improves skills and addicting.

I home school my 10 year old daughter and I hate the "drill and kill" methods of teaching, so I am always looking for ways that make learning fun. Much of what I come up with or have purchased, my daughter finds boring. Not so with this math game! She actually expected to find this game dull, but she is hooked. She literally came to understand decimals much better just by playing with this "toy" for less than half an hour, and she enjoys trying to beat her previous timing. It comes with a booklet that shows HOW to perform the various math operations if the child does not yet know how, then the game is used for practicing. Once they are comfortable with a level, they can advance to the next hardest level. This is the first math learning anything I've found that she finds entertaining, and it really does improve her math skills, so I'm happy, too! It teaches several skills including adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, percents, decimals, and it can be used as a calculator, too. My daugher said to give it 5 stars. ??????????

Great for math practice

Our kids needed to work on their math facts- this has been amazing. I feel good with them going back to school after using this all summer. Lots of settings.
Worth. The. Money.

She enjoys it

My daughter has big difficulty with math. Hoping it will help her

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