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The creation of Beiens began with the story of Jack, Scarlett, and a sweet family.
Jack and Scarlett are classmates, couple, colleagues, and also the co-founders of Beiens, and they have known, trusted, and respected each other for over 30 years.

Since graduation from college, Jack has been engaged in the toy and baby care industry. At first, he was a quality inspector and paid attention to the materials, non-toxicity, environmental protection, etc. of the products. He loves the industry he works in and loves to bring high-quality products and services to families and children. After working in this position for 4 years, he realized that the impact of product design on children is equally important as compared to materials, and Jack showed a strong interest in product design, so he began to change his career position to a product designer.

In 2008, Jack has become a product designer, Jack and Scarlett's baby Daniel was 4 years old and ready to go to pre-kindergarten. Scarlett wanted to raise and educate Daniel better, so Jack and Scarlett started to read a lot of articles about children development, and also communicate with many parents and parenting experts about their experiences.

They learned that childhood is the most rapidly developing stage of life in the brain for humans, capable of making more than 1 million neuronal connections per second, a rate that cannot be replicated at any later stage. This period has a profound impact on the future growth of children. And they learned Montessori philosophy, following the child, respecting their freedom to work at their own pace, getting actual, factual information through relationship building and observation and using it to guide their natural path, which can better discover their interests and nurture their talents. Jack and Scarlett were increasingly aware of the importance of scientific education for children's development, so they continued to improve their professionalism in the field.

Jack has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in children’s product design and materials, as well as Jack and Scarlett’s accumulation of educational experience in raising their child. They wanted to share these with more parents, so in 2012, Jack and Scarlett founded the company of Beiens, encouraging parents to create a loving and safe environment, follow their children and let them learn from play.

Beiens continues to upgrade its product lines, optimize its services, and established its factory, R&D center, which are newly upgraded to provide users with more comprehensive and scientific services. Today, Beiens has developed for more than 10 years and has become a worldwide brand sold all over the world...

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