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What Beiens promise?

Beiens mainly focus on the field of Mothers, Babies and Children, covering two product concept: 'Mothers and Children Life' and 'Playing and Education Experience'.
Mothers and Children Life:
Vertical intensive parenting bit of life, including aspects of daily life, feeding meals, daily care, family travels and so on.
The brand also carries out careful selections of raw materials and scientific design.
At the same time, we also pay attention to durability and fashionable out-looking in order to bring excellent experience to our customers.
Playing and Education Experience:
Meet the needs of the new generation of parents. Based on the experience of customers, innovation and product design are completed together with professional parenting experts.
From the aspects of enlightenment and education, users' experience, material safety and other details, we devote ourselves to create durable, high-quality and educational products.
We also covers areas such as stroller riding, enlightenment fun, fitness comfort, light intelligence, family amusement and other fields.
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