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Can a mother who has a newborn baby allow her to be unhappy sometimes?



I don't know when to start

The role of mother was given

Too much "too great" meaning

<Answer 1988> mentioned that

“God can't be everywhere”

Hence the god the created mothers

The famous writer Gorky said

All the glory and pride of the world

Both come from the mother


Society has given mothers too much responsibility and energy, as if a 

mother, must be incarnate as the sun, shining on the children, shining 

on the family.

But the truth is that, like all unmarried, childless women, there are times 

of anxiety, stress, and confusion as mothers face the life


Before giving birth to a child, I think giving birth to a child is the most painful.

I didn't know until I started working with my baby.

It's even harder to bring up a baby.

In the routine of parenting,

There are all kinds of troubles,

And so a few let oneself is about to collapse of the moment.

What breakdowns and emotions have you encountered in parenting?

How do you deal with these little emotions?

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